Baila -Cusworth Dance Schools
Devoted to dance
It all started back in August 2006. . . .
Tip! Smile it brightens a persons day.
The practice has been established for more than two decades.
To help our patients relax, we treat them within a comfortable homely environment.
Each patient is given a consultation on the first visit and treated as their individual condition requires.
After many requests and much nagging by several members of a couple of churches to run a dance class for them, we gave in.
Our first class started at St Mary and Joseph’s Parish Centre in August 2006. This  continues to run every Monday evening.
We then began teaching from two local Sports Centres and from Bovingdon Memorial Hall.  
We soon found ourselves teaching five nights a week.
Brian began to dance at the age of 19. Took medal tests in his first nine years, then turned to social dance until 2006. He then began to teach social dance qualifying as a professional teacher with the ISTD in 2010.
Jam making-I really do find Jam making therapeutic. After treating patients all day in my practice and teaching dance until around 9pm I often sit watching a DVD picking bits off fruit for making into delicious jam. I have now added marmalade and pickled ginger to my collection.
Perhaps that sounds strange or eccentric but it had to be said.
Cheese making - As if jam making were not hard enough, this year I thought the ultimate challenge would be to make cheddar style cheese. I made the cheese press, then bought the moulds and a good book of instructions and the rest is history. It goes well with my home made wine and home baked bread.
Shirley has been a Ballroom and Latin dancer since February 2005 and qualified as a professional teacher with the ISTD in 2010. She is  proof that it is possible to achieve your dream whatever your age. She is also a deep tissue massage therapist established 20 years and fitness instructor.
Pickling season over, and having a constant strange desire to study, I am back to learning the lovely language of the Portuguese. Oh the frustration....